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Our strong team of image consultants have wide experience on conducting professional image workshops, leading individuals and corporates to success. Browse our individual image enhancement courses and other open courses.

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Today more than ever, people representing a company have to look good in whatever they do. They need to know how they are being perceived in the outside world. Not only do they have to be polite with their work, but look presentable and attractive visually. That is why there is a need for someone to help them look their best and work efficiently with their improved soft skills. 

You need to take help of an image consultant if needed and here comes the role of PC Image Consulting. We have clients all over the world and most of our clients have different backgrounds of work and culture, yet we have been able to provide successful services to them. Some of our services are mentioned below:

Professional image training:

Anyone that wants to grow in today’s tech-savvy world needs to have a good image for their representation and for that, they need to undergo a professional image workshop to hone their skills. And we believe in this too. That is why we provide our clients with the best kind of professional image training. Our courses are totally practical and result oriented. We encourage our students to do better.

Under this course, three topics are taught and focused on:



3.Communication skills

Corporate training courses:

Not only to individuals but we also offer several courses for the corporate sector too so that they can perform even better in the market, and thus offer guidance on three main topics:

1.Professional Image presence- Being aware of how people are looking professionally is very important to strike up deals.

2.High-end retail service- High-end customers are the target group for many companies, how to handle them should be known.

3.Presentation skills- A good presentation and a bad presentation is the only difference for losing a deal or business opportunity.

Individual Enhancement courses:

Under this course, all the attention is towards the growth of an individual and they are backed by three main topics too:

1.Appearance - People don’t have a lot of time today to get to know people. They often judge others by their appearance. That is why this course offers guidance on how to appear your best self. 

2.Behavior - Good behavior is required at all costs because good behavior alone can get others to be comfortable around you. If your behavior is not good, chances are most of your work won’t be allowed to be finished smoothly.

3.Communication skills - Building good communication skills are very important for creating professional relationships to keep the workflow smooth.

Open courses:

Then there are open courses too, which are available to anyone and everyone. The open courses consist of:

1.Charming voice workshop

2.Business Etiquette workshop

3.Relationship transformation workshop

Tutor Courses:

The last segment of our courses is tutor courses. This includes:

1.Image Essentials color

2.Image consultancy essentials course

3.International Business Etiquette train the trainer course

PC Image Consulting was found in Hong Kong in 2003 to help people by providing them professional image workshop, and teaching them business etiquettes, and also communication skills. For more than a decade now, we have devoted ourselves to provide our clients with the best results. Our impressive portfolio of clients includes names like Chanel, and the world’s biggest insurance group AXA China, and many more big companies.

We have several different services to offer to our corporate clients. Our dedicated team has all the experience, resources and knowledge to be the best image consultant for any business.


I have realized deeply the value of image to one’s successful life. Whether you are looking for a personal breakthrough to increase your personal charm, or seeking corporate training for your staff to enhance their soft skills, or exploring a change in career to become an image and etiquette trainer, this is the right place for you to find your unique, tailored and professional image and training services.

Our expert team members from different specialization will dedicate themselves to helping you meet your needs and unleash your potential. Each and every success story of transformation has reinforced our determination to help our clients create a beautiful future.

Priscilla Chan, AICI CIM
Founder of P.C. Image Consulting

Professional Image Training

On our journey to establishing an image, we strongly believe that a successful image is a result of an inside-out or outside-in transformation. It is a physical, mental and spiritual composition. Our courses are practical and results oriented. They encourage and inspire students to unleash their potential. The scope of courses includes:

Communication Skills
‘Image’ in the Lion City

Christina Ong(AICI CIM)& Priscilla Chan (AICI CIP)

Jointly create the AIM Graduate Intensive Training Camp

An international platform gathering industry elites

Facilitating image consultants to become future stars

‘Image’ in the Lion City

Christina Ong(AICI CIM)& Priscilla Chan (AICI CIP)

Jointly create the AIM Graduate Intensive Training Camp

An international platform gathering industry elites

Facilitating image consultants to become future stars

Partial Clients

About Us

P.C. Image Consulting was founded in Hong Kong in 2003 to provide professional image, etiquette and communications services and training.

For over a decade, we have serviced numerous corporate clients from various industries, including retail, financial services, properties…etc. We have accumulated extensive experience and critical acclaim. Our business footprint spans Asia Pacific – we are active in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Our clients include top French luxury brand CHANEL, world’s largest insurance group AXA China, Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation Limited, China Mobile, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Hang Lung Properties Limited…etc. On top of that, we attach much value to providing inside-out image building and etiquette guidance. Our individual clients include business leaders and individuals from various backgrounds. We help them realise their career and personal goals more swiftly.

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