Image Training

On our journey to establishing an image, we strongly believe that a successful image is a result of an inside-out or outside-in transformation. It is a physical, mental and spiritual composition. Our courses are practical and results oriented. They encourage and inspire students to unleash their potential. The scope of courses includes:

Visual Image
  • Professional Appearance

  • Makeup and Skincare

  • Attires for Different Business Occasions

  • Professional Image Building for Men

  • Color Analysis

  • Dressing Style Analysis

  • Personality and Dressing

  • Clothing Mix and Match Skills

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Smart Shopping

Behavioral Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette

  • Reception Etiquette

  • Interaction Etiquette

  • Meeting Etiquette

  • Social Etiquette

  • Dining Etiquette

  • Cocktail Party Etiquette

  • Digital Etiquette

  • Communication Etiquette

  • Customer Service Etiquette

Communications and Presentation
  • Presentation Skills

  • Lumina Spark/ Personality Test

  • EQ Management

  • The Art of Conversation

  • Services and Sales Skills

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Complaint Management

  • Enhancing Communication Skills with NLP

Image Training

Do outstanding employees create outstanding companies, or outstanding companies create outstanding employees? You may have different answers to this question, but one undebatable fact is – outstanding employees must have the ability to create outstanding companies. Very often clients evaluate a company’s strength and quality via the company employees’ appearance, behavior and demeanor during their interaction. Such evaluation can directly influence the clients’ behavior, thus affecting the company’s brand image, sales performance, and ultimately the company’s success.

More and more companies have realized the insufficiency of mere technical training. It is necessary to invest in the employees’ soft skills in their job. How to enable employees to establish an image representative of the company’s has been a training item attached increasing value by companies. P.C. Image Consulting provides targeted training solutions based on the company’s needs. We are dedicated to establishing proactive and positive image of a company’s staff, which in turn enables the manifestation of the company’s value and image through its staff.

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