Communication Skills

Relationship Management

All good relationships are a result of good communications. Communication is essential in everyone's daily life – from inter-state diplomatic communications to interpersonal contact and exchange.

Interpersonal communications are always around love, life, work, money and power – what comes with these are conflict of interest, different viewpoints, contrasting values…etc. that we need to face. We must solve these problems in order to establish and maintain good relationships and create better work and life.  

Key takeaways:

How to "train" empathy, foster collaborative communication, establish trust and influence and lead people. 

Four steps to resolve conflicts.

How to think in a problem-solving perspective and handle interpersonal relationship skillfully.

How to make use of four levels of speaking style to establish a good interpersonal relationship.

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Presentation Skills

Famous American presenter Jim Rogers once said, "Presentation skills are the companion of all presentations."

"Presentation" is consisted of both image strategies and sending messages, through your body language, eye contact, facial expressions, attire, contents, voice, pace…etc. Ultimately it is about whether you have your unique presentation style, whether you are convincing, moving or influential. Therefore, presentation is not only speaking. It is a comprehensive expression – ensuring your messages are perfectly conveyed through presentation skills, bringing your presentation to the next level.

Key takeaways:

How to express yourself through body language.

How to voice correctly – protecting your throat but enhancing your presentation at the same time, making it more moving.

How to make far-reaching presentation via eye contact.

Dressing tips for presentation to boost confidence and charisma.

How to establish your unique presentation style; make yourself more convincing, moving and influential.

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