Color Diagnosis

This is a two-minute world – one minute for people to know you, and the other for them to appreciate you – Ingrid Zhang

It takes one minute to memorize your charismatic visual image and two minutes to sense the charm you convey via your image – image is not only visually beneficial, but it is an individual's energy, influence and glamour. This course helps you find your personal color, position your style, master the beauty principles systematically and achieve in-side out charisma.

Key takeaways:

Find the internal and external colors that suit you best.

A color swatch that is worth HKD380.

Understand systematic color-matching methods and enhance ability to match outfit colors.

Use colors outside the box and broaden your color appreciation skills.

Enhance dressing sense. 

Use colors tastefully to beauty your life.

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Style Positioning

Colors symbolize style; style determines colors. Unclear style can easily give rise to insecurity. Many people's anxiety upon buying outfits stems from not knowing what style suits them best. Even if they try to follow the trends closely, nowadays' fashion including items and styles change too swiftly, one would still feel frustrated over style clarity. Understanding yourself, finding the style that best fits yourself will enable you to quickly enhance your dressing and matching skills and sense; the systematic and professional style positioning and matching methods will help you master mixing and matching of outfits in business, office and casual occasions, and better express your personality, your charm and overall visual image which makes you stand out. Our professional team helps you find your own style, showcase your charisma and unleash your unique glamor!

Key takeaways:

Find your unique style positioning

Understand the most flattering clothing patterns for yourself

Identify your own body shape – beautify your body contours, showcase your strengths and hide your weaknesses

Smart mix and match – make unlimited combinations with limited items

Set no limit for yourself – discover your potential charm, unveil the world of glamor to make your life more colourful

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Skin care and Make up

Dress up and make up is one of the quickest ways to make yourself more beautiful and is also a final touch to an overall image creation. Not only can makeup conceal facial flaws and enhance elegance, but it also enables you to dress with a wider selection of colors. Whether you want to understand more about makeup for workplace, daily life or evening balls, we are able to design the makeup of your own based on analysis of your face shape and your feature style. We will guide you with time- and cost-efficient makeup principles, help you understand yourself inside out and find your most flattering makeup type, teach you makeup skills and help you forge a better first image – not only becoming prettier, but prettier in an easier way!

Key takeaways:

Face shape diagnosis.

Exclusive makeup of your own.

Foundational skincare tips.

How to select makeup foundation that fits your skin quality and skin color.

Natural and delicate base makeup skills. 

Understand the influence of your eyebrow shape to your feature and find the most flattering eyebrow shape for yourself.

Practical knowledge for eyebrow drawing. 

Correct makeup removal and cleaning.

How to use makeup tools.

Wardrobe Management

Among the basic elements of life (clothing, food, accommodation, activities), most people would have much planning for the last three, as planning makes us more efficient and more manageable. What about clothing? Do you manage your wardrobe that has all kinds and all colors of clothes? Wardrobe management is always easily overlooked, but is also an issue we face and feel confused every day.

Establish a wardrobe in a scientific and systematic way based on your personal characteristics such as body shape, skin color, energy and work environment; fully utilize the items in your wardrobe and mix and match them rightly can give you various combinations; provide you with professional shopping advice. We help you understand your 'blind spot on matching', break through your 'dressing bottleneck', tackle your pain point and frustration of 'what to wear' in different working occasions and in daily life with systematic wardrobe management.

Key takeaways:

Establish a wardrobe management plan and a highly effective wardrobe based on your personal color, style positioning and required occasions.

Enhance the efficiency of clothing items with a capsule wardrobe to enable more mixing and matching. 

Systematic wardrobe management to help you with different clothing combinations for different occasions.

Tips for maintaining a delicate wardrobe.

Clear color style, smart shopping, establish shopping lists.

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Personal Shopping

Purchasing the most flattering clothes to enable fashionable and elegant matches for you to be a charming you. Personal shopping gives you an easier way to beauty.

Personal shopping stresses on smart shopping. Based on your personal color diagnosis, style positioning, specific occasional requirements and your budget, we help you select the clothes and accessories that flatter you the most. This is not just a shopping tour. During the process we teach you the scientific way of shopping and professional matching skills. By learning and practicing, you can become your own image consultant!

Key takeaways:

Find your own personal color and style.

Professional evaluation, recommendations and time- and pain-saving shopping experience. 

Purchasing flattering clothing items based on your image diagnosis to enhance dressing sense.

Color and style clothing matching skills – enhancing your image, matching skills and appreciation skills.

Unlimited free online consultation within 30 days.

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