Presentation Skills

Course Introduction

There are always situations when you have to play the important role of persuading people at work. Therefore, presentation skills are essential to you. They are highly effective for product launches, work reports, sales, expressing ideas, job interviews…etc. P.C. Image Consulting will focus on your needs to design an effective presentation course.

Who should attend

All companies

You Will Learn

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Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses During Presentation

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Overcoming Stage Fright During Presentation

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Plan and Structure a Presentation Contents

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Mastering Persuasive and Influential Presentation Skills

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Interacting with Your Audience Effortlessly

Course Content

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Presentation

  • Understanding Your Audience

  • Key Elements of Presentation Structure

  • Stage Fright During Presentation

  • Image Building for Presentation on Stage

  • Confident Body Language and Persuasive Voice

  • Making Use of Visual Image

  • Answering Audience’s Questions

*The above are part of the course’s contents. We will design professional and relevant training contents based on the client’s specific training needs.

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