Vikko Lui
Internationally-certified (AIM) Image Consultant

Vikko is a recognised AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) image consultant and a recognised IITTI (Institute of Image Training & Testing International) etiquette trainer. She also acts as the Vice-President of AICI Hong Kong Chapter, and was once awarded “Outstanding Member of the Year” by AICI in 2019.

Vikko was trained by Priscilla Chan, the only Certified Image Master in Hong Kong. Vikko is a highly personable image and etiquette consultant. In her training career over the past six years, she has helped a lot of students establish and reinforce their confidence and self-esteem from outside to inside through image and etiquette learning. Vikko is detail-oriented and patient, changing others’ lives through her own, which has deeply touched and impressed her students. Vikko has a special teaching method for her SEN students, which has won her repeated invitations from clients.

When building an individual brand for clients, Vikko can always identify their needs with her acute colour sense. She can unveil their uniqueness and help them establish a distinctive and spectacular image.

The corporate clients Vikko has advised include:
Hong Kong Physically-handicapped and Able-Bodied Association (HKPHAB Association), City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Women’s Club, The Education University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University...etc.

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