Image Consultancy Essentials Course

AICI 3.2 CEU / 4、5、6、11、12、13 Nov. 2022 (6 days)

Course Introduction



Tutor Profile

Priscilla Chan
The first Certified Image Master in HK
Internationally Certified Etiquette Expert
Founder of P.C. Image Consulting
Director of AIM Greater China

普里西拉是国际图像顾问协会 (AICI CIM) 认证的图像大师。她是AICI香港分会会长。自 20013 年创立 P.C 形象咨询以来,Priscilla 已为 100 多家国际知名公司提供服务。她被香奈儿任命为亚太区(香港、中国大陆、台湾、新加坡、马来西亚、泰国、韩国)形象和礼仪教练,为期五年。除此之外,Priscilla 还致力于培训优秀的形象顾问和礼仪培训师。她的学生来自全国各地(北京、上海、武汉、大连、青岛、深圳、广州、新疆、苏州、云南)。等)在学生建立形象事业的征程中,普里西拉不断提供帮助和指导。一些学生说她是"最有同情心的礼仪教练"和"最敏锐的形象专家"。

Priscilla不仅致力于为公司和个人服务,为形象产业做出贡献,而且她一直在推动中国形象产业的发展,使形象能够帮助更多的人创造更美好的未来。2015年,她与新加坡形象大师克里斯蒂娜·翁共同创立了图像大师学院(AIM),为中国形象顾问提供国际化和一体化的平台提供便利:培养具有国际视野和标准的形象顾问。2016年,普丽西拉组织并主办了首届青岛国际形象大会,得到了政府和社会各界的大力认可。她被认为是一个有远见的形象领袖。2019年,普里西拉被授予AICI IMMIE 2018-2019年度灵感奖。2021年,被国际影像顾问协会认证为香港首位认证图像大师。 Priscilla 作为一名形象顾问的 18 年,她不遗余力地帮助和激励有形象需求的人挖掘他们的潜力并实现他们的梦想。接受普里西拉形象潜力培训的各界人士深受鼓舞和鼓舞!当然,普里西拉已成为亚洲最受欢迎的国际形象大师之一。

Course Features
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The training course is recognized by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) in the United States and contains 3.2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). It lays the foundation for image consultants to obtain AICI certification.


Small class (10 people/class) taught in Mandarin ,Interactive teaching + professional theory + practical exercise,Teaching colors in an in-depth but simple way/ Theories of style and techniques sharing.


Free AIM professional color analysis tool worth HKD6,000,Color/Style testing and analysis chart for your future jobs.


60 days of post-course follow-up consultation. Graduates can raise any questions regarding this course and contact the trainer for discussion within 60 days upon the course completion.

Course Outline

Day 1

Basic Color Theories

  • Basic color theories

  • Analysis and application of body colors

  • Conducting color analysis using color analysis tools

  • Color psychology and its application

Day 2

Color System and Analysis Process

  • Development of color systems – understanding different color systems and practicing the analysis process

  • Four matching systems of colors and their application

Day 3

Basic Elements of Style

  • Lines and weight.

  • Body type, body proportion analysis and evaluation.

  • How to dress to showcase strengths and hide weaknesses based on body type.

  • Face shape analysis and application.

  • Body type analysis and dressing techniques.

Day 4

Seven Major Styles and Dressing for Occasions

  • Understanding features of different textiles

  • Textile features and application on different body types

  • Elements, principles and application of design

  • Seven major styles and their application

  • Dressing for different occasions

Day 5

Overview of Men's wear and AICI

  • Four types of male body shapes

  • Dressing tactics for men – showcasing strengths and hiding weaknesses

  • Types and textiles of suits

  • How to select shirts based on different face shapes

  • How to match and tie a tie and fold a pocket square

  • Men's matching principles

  • Men's wear for different occasions

  • Introduction to AICI of the United States and its value

Day 6

Wardrobe Management and Shopping Tactics

  • Importance of wardrobe management

  • Three important steps of wardrobe management

  • Wardrobe evaluation and planning

  • Physical and online shopping tactics

This course has been approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) to contain 3.2 CEUs. The course includes AICI image consultants' standard care skills and knowledge – it will be suitable for individual or corporate image training needs. After completing this course, the certificate issued by AIM will be different from the professional certification of AICI (which should be obtained separately from AICI).

If you wish to know more about AICI certification, please visit AICI's official website:


Four-season mobile color boards – each AIM ColourSmart™ four-season mobile color board is specially designed for Asian. It is for matching dressing colors, making your wardrobe planning and color coordination an easy job.

Color Drapes - AIM ColourSmart™ color drapes are professional color analysis tools to support your color analysis demonstrate for yourself or a group.

Client Color Swatch – using the design of the wardrobe color system to help your clients bring the best colors into their wardrobe. It is easy to carry and is an excellent shopping guidance for your clients.

AIM Spot-On™ Value Ruler – the value ruler has clear color value with specially designed observation holes to raise the objectiveness of your color analysis and help you do your test more accurately.

Client Color Workbook – designed for image consultants to help them discover their best colors and understand the basic principles of dressing. It is only for AIM ColourSmart™ certified colorists.

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